Excursion to the Ghost Town Skrunda-1

Would you like to see the biggest ghost town of the Baltic States once harbouring around 5000 people? But what makes it special is that is it not just a regular ghost town, but for years it had a status of a top secret closed down area that held the most novel military installations Soviet Union had to offer.

Skrunda 1 trip abandoned place

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Trip to Skrunda 1 echoes throughout the world

Thanks to Reuters that usually brings the latest news from around the world, our trip echoes throughout the world. People get to know Skrunda 1.


Italy: http://www.rainews.it/dl/rainews/media/Lettonia-viaggio-nella-citta-fantasma-post-sovietica-di-Skrunda-1-a1f92201-6205-45c8-b9af-35952b4c6d58.html#foto-1

Latvia: http://www.tvnet.lv/zinas/galleries/latvija/25012-fotoreportaza_pamesta_skrundas_armijas_pilsetina/?gallery_image=1


Portugal: http://sicnoticias.sapo.pt/mundo/2016-04-11-Cidade-fantasma-da-era-sovietica

Turkey: http://www.milliyet.com.tr/fotogaleri/54453-sakli-sovyet-kenti-hayalet-sehre-dondu/

United Kingdom: http://uk.businessinsider.com/pictures-of-abandoned-soviet-radio-station-skrunda-1-2016-4

Russia: http://inosmi.ru/photo/20160425/236222483_236221558.html

Bulgaria: http://www.dnes.bg/mish-mash/2016/04/11/skrunda-1-prizrakyt-ot-studenata-voina.298993

Bulgaria: http://www.dnevnik.bg/photos/2016/04/09/2739543_snimka_na_denia_prizrachniiat_grad_skrunda/

Big thanks also to http://www.currenttime.tv/a/27669421.html for the video  broadcast. Skrunda 1 town is waiting for the visitors. Join our trip and let us discover together.

Exploring a Soviet Ghost Town in Latvia

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Let us pass a great time together and explore the region while there is still what to explore as each year the buildings get older and older.

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Photo below: see how the place has changed just in couple of years. Do not miss your chance and see Skrunda-1 with your own eyes. 

Soviet military town Skrunda-1

Trip to Skrunda-1 on 21/05/2016

Those who have applied for the trip on 21/05/2016 to Skrunda-1. Be sure you pay for the trip till 15/05/2016 otherwise your place is not reserved.

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